Looked up at the sky, suddenly a sudden enlightenment, The sky is gray, because eyes across a layer of dust. Eyes are is gray, because heart is covered with a layer of dust. The heart is gray, because memory saved a layer of dust. You I have is gray, because life, MingMingMieMie. Black, white, grey, MingMingMieMie, In between hope and disappointed with zero, zero wandering in the struggle between, blue sky is behind a layer of gray. I once was a lonely child, Lonely even lonely all don’t know this place how posture. I never cry because of grief, only moved just make me cry. So many times, I smiled, during the day. So many times, I expression in the night, loneliness. Begin to find lots of people have it a star as moonlight as pure and firm heart, Even with the wound of pain, but still believe, in the heart of light can light up the darkness, the first way. Than to curse the darkness, let oneself shine! Without wings to fly, angel’s stance than closer to god…



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