英 [p??k] 美 [p??k] adj. 粉红色的;淡红色的;略带左翼政治观点的;与同性恋者有关的 n. 粉红色;典范;香石竹;顶点,极度 vt. 刺、扎;打出小孔图案;戳 网 络 粉红色; 粉红; 粉色的; 粉色 复数:pinks 过去式:pinked 过去分词:pinked 现在分词:pinking 第三人称单数:pinks 比较级:pinker 最高级:pinkest 词条标签:CET4 CET6 考研 柯林斯高阶英汉双解学习词典 现代英汉综合大词典 英汉双向大词典 1. COLOUR 颜色词粉红色;淡红色 Pink is the colour between red and white. …pink lipstick. 粉红色的口红…white flowers edged in pink. 带粉边的白花…sweaters in a variety of pinks and blues. 各种各样粉色和蓝色的毛衣pinkish Her nostrils were pinkish, as though she had a cold. 她的鼻孔略带粉红,好像患了感冒似的。pinkness Meat which has been cooked thoroughly shows no traces of pinkness. 彻底煮熟的肉不会带有血色。2. COLOUR 颜色词(因窘迫、愤怒或剧烈活动而)脸色发红 If you go pink, your face turns a slightly redder colour than usual because you are embarrassed or angry, or because you are doing something energetic. 【搭配模式】:usu v-link COLOURShe went pink again as she remembered her mistake. 想起自己的错误,她又脸红了。3. ADJ 形容词与同性恋者有关的 Pink is used to refer to things relating to or connected with homosexuals. Businesses are now more aware of the importance of the ‘pink pound’. 现在商家更加意识到同性恋族群消费力、即所谓“粉红英镑”的重要性。4. N-COUNT 可数名词石竹 Pinks are small plants that people grow in their gardens. They have sweet-smelling pink, white, or red flowers. 【搭配模式】:usu pl5. PHRASE 短语非常健康;满面红光;容光焕发 If you are in the pink, you are fit, healthy, and happy. 【搭配模式】:v-link PHRA glass of red wine keeps you in the pink. 一杯红酒有益健康。 be tickled pink→see: tickle; 英英释义 网络释义 Noun 1. a light shade of red2. any of various flowers of plants of the genus Dianthus cultivated for their fragrant flowerssynonym: garden pink

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